DE Filter Preventive Maintenance


Equipment manufactures recommend breaking down and chemically cleaning the internals of your D.E. filter on a semi-annual basis. The process of cleaning your D.E. filter requires that your filter be broken down, and thoroughly cleaned of contaminates and debris.

Upon completion of your filters cleaning, our service techs will thoroughly inspect the internals of your pool / spa filter for any damage. If no damage is present, our tech will put your filter back together and recharge your filter with D.E. The internals of your D.E. filter consists of eight filter grids, a grid assembly, a top and bottom manifold, and an air relief assembly.

While routine maintenance generally prevents damage to these items, damage sometimes does indeed occur. The skeletons of the grids break, and the grids develop rips in them, allowing dirt and other debris to return to your pool. Manifolds develop cracks in them over time, which also allows dirt and other debris to return to your pool. Our pool filter maintenance technicians are thoroughly trained to recognize any present or potential damage to your pool / spa’s filter and can repair or replace the part on site.


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