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How to Hire the Best Swimming Pool Builder in Sarasota, FL

Swimming Pool Builder Sarasota FL

As the warm summer days fade and fall weather approaches, it’s time to consider pool maintenance or even the installation of your dream pool. Both tasks are worthwhile investments, but they require careful consideration. Hiring the right swimming pool builder in Sarasota, FL is essential to ensure a smooth process and avoid unnecessary stress. 

Here are five simple tips to help you find the best pool companies in Sarasota.

1. Put Your Pool Plans on Paper

When finding the right Sarasota pool contractor, it’s essential to jot down all the details discussed during your brainstorming sessions. Ask the contractor to outline the steps needed to complete the task, including:

  • Excavation work
  • Site preparation
  • Required equipment
  • Pool design
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Manpower needed
  • Duration of the work
  • Permits and permissions required
  • Pricing and payment schedule

To protect both parties, it’s crucial to have all these details agreed upon in writing. Request a sample contract from the contractor that can be adjusted to suit your specific job.

2. Inquire About Insurance

When discussing your pool project with pool companies in Sarasota, it’s essential to consider insurance. This ensures you’re prepared for any unexpected events. Here’s why insurance matters:

  • Property Protection: You may need insurance to cover any damage to your property or home during the project.
  • Warranty Coverage: Warranty insurance is recommended to address any issues after the pool is completed.

Make sure your pool contractor has both worker’s compensation and property damage liability insurance. This is crucial due to the heavy machinery and manpower involved in pool construction in Sarasota. Ask to see these insurance policies in writing and confirm their validity before finalizing any agreements or payments.

3. Discuss Payment Terms

When discussing payment with your pool contractor, it’s common for them to request a deposit before starting work, which is standard in the industry. However, before making any payments, ensure you and your contractor agree on the total amount for completing the job within the agreed time frame.

If unexpected delays occur, like weather disruptions or global pandemics, inquire about additional charges to avoid surprises. Establish fee schedules to maintain smooth progress and ensure both parties are satisfied. Include extra costs like landscaping, materials removal, tiling, and more in your estimate.

Consider paying by credit card for added protection in case of issues.


4. Comparing Prices and Checking References

When selecting a pool contractor, it’s crucial to ask for and verify references. Speaking with past clients can offer valuable insights into the contractor’s performance, work timeliness, finished quality, equipment, pricing, and more. Once you’ve gathered a list of 3 to 5 potential companies, dedicate time to contacting them for information.

Since pool companies in Sarasota vary in services offered, their prices also differ. Therefore, it’s essential to shop around to find the best combination of price and quality.

5. Request Recommendations

Asking for recommendations from friends, family, and associates is a great way to find a reliable contractor. You can also cast a wide net by searching for local and independent contractors online. Take your time to gather recommendations from reputable sources, as this increases your chances of finding a professional who meets your needs.

While recommendations are helpful, it’s essential to conduct your own research on pool builders in Sarasota and thoroughly vet them before signing any contracts or granting access to your property.

What Do Custom Pool Builders Actually Do?

Before hiring a swimming pool builder in Sarasota, FL, they will assess your yard to determine the best design for your needs. Once approved, they’ll proceed with installation. Some companies also offer cleaning, water testing, renovations, and equipment repairs or replacements after installation. Many can recommend maintenance companies for future upkeep.

Decide how you’ll use the pool before hiring a company. Consider whether it’s for exercise or fun and who the main users will be. Finding builders who align with your aesthetic is easier when you know the intended use.

Research is crucial once you’ve found compatible pool contractors in Sarasota, FL. Compare quotes, review customer testimonials, and meet with prospective builders in person. Ensure they are Florida-certified and licensed before making any final decisions. Pay attention to their level of interest in forming a long-term partnership. Beware of those solely focused on completing the installation; it may reflect their commitment to quality construction.

Questions to Ask Sarasota Pool Installation Companies

  • Can you provide references?
  • Are you licensed? Do you have liability insurance and worker’s compensation?
  • What does your price include?
  • Can I get a written quote?
  • What pool-related services do you offer?
  • What experience do you have with similar projects?
  • When will the task be completed?
  • What happens if costs exceed the budget or if material or labor prices change?
  • What scenarios might cause extra costs?
  • What information will I need to provide?

DIY vs. Hiring Professional Pool Builders

Building your own swimming pool, or acting as the main contractor, is an option, but it’s best suited for areas with few obstacles. Homeowners should have some construction and design experience and relationships with other contractors. However, there are risks, such as hiring substandard contractors who may do poor work or take shortcuts. It’s usually more financially sensible to hire a professional for inground pool construction in Sarasota. Professionals can deliver a better-looking project and offer assistance with pool maintenance, including chemical balancing.

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