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Commercial Services

From transformative remodels to tailored maintenance plans, new builds, and cutting-edge equipment repairs and upgrades, our expert team ensures your commercial space remains a pinnacle of aquatic excellence. Discover the perfect blend of precision and expertise for all your commercial pool needs with Clear Tech Pools.

Custom Maintenance Packages

Recognizing that every pool is unique, we provide custom cleaning plans ranging from 1 to 7 days a week to precisely fit your specific needs. Our dedicated team ensures that your commercial pool receives personalized care, guaranteeing a pristine and inviting aquatic environment for your patrons


Revamp surfaces and decking to enhance aesthetics and increase guest satisfaction. With a commitment to fast turnaround times and minimal downtime, we ensure your commercial pool and spa experience an efficient and stunning transformation. Trust Clear Tech Pools to bring a new level of appeal to your establishment, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality.

New Builds

Our expert team ensures a fast turnaround time and minimal downtime, allowing your establishment to enjoy the benefits of a new aquatic oasis promptly. Trust Clear Tech Pools to deliver excellence, seamlessly enhancing your commercial space and creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons.

Additional Services

Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

Our skilled team of professionals is adept at seamlessly repairing your current system and elevating it to new heights. Whether it’s troubleshooting issues or enhancing efficiency, we’ve got you covered.

Electrical Services

From dock wiring to heater installations, Clear Tech Pools offers comprehensive electrical services to ensure every aspect of your aquatic paradise runs smoothly.