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Converting a Regular Swimming Pool Into an Infinity Edge Pool

Infinity Edge Pool

Would you like a fancy infinity pool with a breathtaking view? You don’t have to get rid of your current pool for this! This guide will teach you how to turn your regular swimming pool into a luxurious infinity-edge paradise. With some careful planning and know-how, your backyard could become the talk of the neighborhood.


Infinity Edge Pool

Step 1: Assessment and Planning

Before starting any changes, it’s crucial to assess your pool and its surroundings. Consider the layout and the view to ensure it’s suitable for extending the edge infinitely. Optimal settings often feature beautiful vistas and a pleasing backdrop to enhance the infinity effect.

Step 2: Design Your Ideal Infinity Edge

Seek guidance from a professional architect or designer to craft a pool design that aligns with your vision. You can select the finest materials, colors, and layout to achieve the perfect infinity edge.

Step 3: Structural Check

Making sure your swimming pool‘s structure is solid is crucial. Structural engineers will assess if your pool and its surroundings can handle the changes needed for an infinity edge. For safety and stability, they might suggest adding extra supports or making alterations.

Step 4: Installing the Catch Basin

The catch basin is essential for any infinity edge pool. It collects overflowing water and sends it back into the main pool. Professionals will place it beneath the infinity edge, seamlessly integrating the components.

Step 5: Adjusting Water Level

The water level in your pool may need to be adjusted slightly to achieve the perfect effect. The adjustment will depend on the design and location of your pool to ensure the water flows gracefully over the edge.

Step 6: Building the Infinity Edge

The infinity edge is the centerpiece. It’s typically constructed on the side of the pool with the best view. This edge creates the illusion that water flows endlessly to the horizon, producing a captivating effect.

Step 7: Upgrade Your Water Circulation System

Your pool’s circulation and filtration system will need adjustments to handle the flow of water from the catch basin back into the main pool. This ensures a seamless and uninterrupted flow.

Step 8: Beautify Your Pool

Choose materials and finishes that align with your vision to finish the transformation. The tiles, coping, and other elements can enhance the beauty of your infinity edge pool, creating a cohesive and appealing appearance.

Step 9: Obtain Permits and Comply with Codes

Don’t forget to get any necessary permits and follow local building codes. It’s essential to adhere to these regulations when transforming a standard pool into an infinity-edge one.

Step 10: Landscaping Touches

Think about landscaping around your pool’s infinity edge to boost its beauty. Thoughtfully chosen greenery and outdoor furniture can enhance the overall atmosphere.

Step 11: Ongoing Maintenance

Infinity edge pools require special upkeep to maintain the water level and keep the illusion of water flowing over the edge. Regular maintenance will ensure your pool remains a focal point of your backyard.

What Is the Cost of Converting a Regular Swimming Pool into an Infinity Swimming Pool?

The cost of turning a regular swimming pool into an infinity pool varies based on factors like size, current structure, location, and design complexity. Such a conversion can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s best to talk to pool specialists or contractors who can give you personalized quotes based on your project and preferences.

Hire Clear Tech Pools to Transform Your Regular Swimming Pool Into an Infinity Edge Oasis

Transforming your current swimming pool into an enchanting infinity edge paradise is a big project. It needs expertise and thorough planning. With a skilled team like ours at Clear Tech Pools, you can make your dream pool a reality. Craft a breathtaking outdoor sanctuary to elevate your outdoor living space and impress your guests. Reach out to our pool remodeling experts today! Your backyard oasis awaits!


Infinity Edge Pool FAQs

Can you convert a regular swimming pool into an infinity pool?

Yes, it’s possible to transform a pool into an infinity pool. This involves making structural and design changes to create the illusion of an endless or disappearing edge. Another more affordable option is a deck level swimming pool.

Do Infinity pools require a lot of maintenance?

Yes, maintaining an infinity pool requires a lot of effort. Their unique design, including features like the vanishing edge and catch basin, needs constant attention to keep the water level and circulation in check. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent issues like leaks and structural problems.

Can you heat an infinity pool?

Absolutely, you can heat an infinity pool just like any other pool. Heating it allows you to extend your swimming season or enjoy the pool during cooler weather.

How long does it take to build an infinity pool?

Building an infinity pool can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 36 weeks. The time needed depends on factors such as the complexity of design, size, location, availability of materials, labor, and local permit requirements.

What happens to the water in an Infinity Pool?

Water flows over a specially designed edge called the “infinity edge” or “vanishing edge.” It then spills into a catch basin below. From there, it’s pumped back into the main pool through a recirculation pump, creating a continuous cycle. This design gives the illusion of water extending infinitely to the horizon while maintaining a constant water level in the pool.

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