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How to Clear Green Pool Water Fast

How to Clear Green Pool Water Fast

It’s really annoying when your pool goes green. You might ask “How to clear green pool water fast?”. Every pool owner wants crystal-clear water. So, what’s making your pool turn that gross shade of green? It’s green algae.

Several things can make green algae spread fast in your pool.

Heavy Rains

Your green pool trouble might be because of heavy rain lately. Rainwater can mess up the chemicals in your pool, making it easier for algae and bacteria to grow.

Heat Waves

Algae like warm water, so be extra careful during hot spells. Stick to your usual cleaning routine to keep your pool in check.

Water Circulation Troubles

Good circulation in your pool is crucial for keeping it clean. Stagnant water lets in bacteria, algae, and other yucky stuff, turning your pool green. Keep the water moving by regularly checking and cleaning your pool pump to make sure it’s working well.

Lack of Maintenance: Cleaning & Chemistry

Ignoring your pool can end in disaster. It’s up to you as a pool owner to stick to a regular maintenance plan to keep the water algae-free and clear. Vacuuming, brushing, and testing the water are all part of the routine.

Copper Ions Are Not Algae

Copper in your water can make your pool green too. It messes up the chemical balance, causing problems all around. But you can prevent these issues by testing and balancing your pool regularly.


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How to Clean a Green Pool

When you have green algae, it’s crucial to act fast. Here are the step-by-step instructions from Clear Tech Pools.

Brush & Vacuum

Begin by getting your pool brush and scrubbing every part of the water. Make sure you reach the corners, stairs, and walls. This will loosen up any algae stuck to the surfaces and make it easier to remove.

The type of brush you use depends on your pool type. Use a nylon-bristle brush for fiberglass pools. Use a steel-bristle brush for concrete pools.

After you’ve finished brushing, vacuum the pool. Be thorough, and if necessary, go over the area multiple times.

Test Alkalinity and PH

Next, test your water’s alkalinity. Alkalinity shows how resistant your water is to pH changes. pH measures how acidic your water is. When these chemicals are balanced right, they keep your pool safe and clean 24/7.

Test your levels and adjust as needed. Aim for a pH between 7.2-7.8 and alkalinity between 80-120 parts per million (PPM).

Double or Tripple Shock a Pool

Regular shock treatments should be part of your pool maintenance routine. This involves adding chemicals to the water to keep it balanced and boost the free chlorine levels.

To fight green algae, you need to use a double- or triple-dose of chemicals. This will kill the bacteria and algae. Remember to wear protective gear like gloves and goggles when handling chemicals.

Run the Pool Filter

After using a double- or triple-dose of shock, don’t forget your filter. It will get rid of any dead algae or other stuff from the water, making it cleaner and clearer.

Repeat Until Clear

If your water still looks green or cloudy after doing all these steps, do the whole process again. Keep going until the water clears up and there’s no more algae left.

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What if My Pool Is Still Green After Shock?

Sometimes, even after shocking your water, you might not get rid of the green tint. It could be because algae wasn’t the problem, or your cleaning wasn’t thorough enough.

Test for Copper

Copper can make your pool water turn green when it mixes with chlorine. Check the copper level in your pool and use calcium chloride to fix it.

PH & Alkalinity Retest

If your pool water is still green after brushing, vacuuming, shocking, and filtering, retest the chemical balance. You might need to adjust the levels to fight algae and other contaminants.

Brush and Vacuum More Caringly

Your pool might still be green because it wasn’t cleaned properly the first time. Keep vacuuming and brushing, making sure to cover all areas.

Clean, Repair, or Replace the Pool Filter

A broken filter can spell trouble for your pool. Without proper circulation and filtration, your water can turn green fast. Clean your filter and make repairs promptly if needed. In some cases, you might have to replace the whole filter. It can be frustrating, but a functioning filter will keep your water flowing smoothly.


What to Do if Your Chlorine Level Is High but the Pool Remains Green?

Your pool stays green even after balancing and testing the water. Why? It’s crucial to know the difference between free and total chlorine to figure this out.

Free chlorine is the chlorine that hasn’t mixed with pool water to sanitize it yet. Total chlorine includes both the free chlorine level and the chlorine that’s already mixed to sanitize your pool.

Test your water for free chlorine. This is the type of chlorine that can sanitize and kill algae.

Is Baking Soda Able to Clean a Green Pool?

This question is common among pool experts. Baking soda won’t kill algae or clear up a green pool. It just raises pH and alkalinity. 

To get rid of the green, stick to brushing, vacuuming, using a filter, or shocking your pool.

How Fast Can You Clear a Green Pool?

If you’re planning a summer party with family and friends, don’t expect to clear the algae from your pool in just one day. It usually takes 4-5 days for a green algae bloom to go away. You might want to postpone your pool party until the water is clear again.

Why Does My Pool Turn Green During Winter?

The Pool Cover Is Dirty or Inadequate

Your pool cover might be causing your pool to turn green when you close it for the season. The cover keeps pests and debris out during the off-season, but if it’s dirty or not installed correctly, it can lead to green water. Make sure your pool cover is clean, in good shape, and properly installed to avoid this issue..

You’re Opening Too Late

Opening your pool too late for the season could also be a reason for the green water. As temperatures rise, the water warms up, giving bacteria and algae a chance to grow. Plan your pool opening date according to the weather forecast to avoid this.

The PH Should Still Be Checked Monthly

Don’t neglect cleaning and maintenance just because your pool is closed. Test your water level and make adjustments at least once a week. This reduces the chances of finding a green pool when you open your cover in spring.

Professional Pool Cleaning Services

At Clear Tech Pools, we’re dedicated to keeping your pool crystal clear year-round. You don’t have to tackle algae issues alone. Our Green to Clean service will remove algae from your pool quickly. Call your local team today to schedule a service and get back into the pool!

Disclosure: While basic pool maintenance is suggested for pool owners, it’s highly recommended to consult a professional pool company like Clear Tech Pools if any issues, such as pool algae, arise.

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