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Is it Worth Hiring a Hillsborough Pool Service?

Hillsborough Pool Service

More families in Florida stayed home this summer because of COVID-19 and health worries. With public and beach pools less available, many folks like the advantages of having a backyard pool.

A news article from Reuters says a company that sells pool stuff saw a big increase in sales in July 2020, 50% more than the same time last year.

Now, if you own a pool or are thinking about it, you might be wondering if it’s better to take care of it yourself or hire a Hillsborough pool service. Let’s figure out if you can save money by doing the pool work on your own.

Can I Save Money by Doing My Pool Service?

Cleaning your pool is a weekly task, and it might take you about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the tools you have. But, if you hire a pool service, they can finish it in under an hour using special tools.

Doing the pool maintenance yourself might save you some money, but it’s not a huge amount. First, you have to buy all the things you need—cleaning stuff, chemicals, and equipment.

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How Much Will My Hillsborough Pool Service Cost?

Let’s look at the breakdown in costs if you decide to maintain your pool yourself.

Test kit

Adding a test kit will cost you $15 if you do your pool maintenance.


They’re super important for keeping your pool in good shape. They might go up to $30 per month. Pool companies get a discount, but if you don’t have a license, you pay the full price. A jug of Pinch a Penny Chlorine is $3.79, and the jug itself costs $8.00.

Replacement Cartridges

Filters need new cartridges, and they can be between $40 and $120. Just like with chemicals, pool contractors get a discount.

Replacement Sand

Plan on spending about $12 for a 50lb bag.

DE for Filtering

This special stuff for filtering costs around $20 for a 25lb bag.

Pool Vacuums

These can be pricey, ranging from $200 to $1000, depending on the brand.

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, taking care of your pool in South Florida can cost between $700 to $1000 per year. Even if you get some kits at a discount, this doesn’t cover the price of a Pool Vacuum or other equipment.

And there’s more to it than just money. The time you spend on pool work and repairs isn’t included. Neither is the gas to get chemicals or the smell in your car after buying chlorine. If you can’t manage the cleaning, there’s also the cost of fixing up a dirty pool.

Instead of enjoying time with family and friends, you might find yourself buying and adding chemicals, checking water levels, cleaning leaves, inspecting equipment, and polishing handrails. It feels like the same chores over and over, especially after a busy day.

Planning vacations is another thing—you’ll need to hire someone to watch over your pool. The cost of doing all this depends on how much you value your time. Some folks think saving $200-400 a year is worth it, but others prefer to spend more and hire a pro to handle their pool.

If you’re wondering about the best pool maintenance service in Florida, we’ll cover that soon. First, let’s see what pool companies offer for maintenance services.

What Is Usually Included in a Monthly Pool Maintenance Contract?

You must know what you will get for your money when you hire a pool maintenance company.

In general, the most reliable pool cleaners will clean your pool every week. It is important to remember that larger pools with more water features will require additional visits.

Your average pool technician will perform the following tasks:

  • Managing Water Level
  • Removing Debris
  • Emptying Skimmer Bins
  • Ensuring Filter Efficiency
  • Vacuuming Pool Surface
  • Checking pH Levels
  • Balancing Chemicals
  • Cleaning Steps and Walls
  • Adding Chlorine
  • Resetting Time Clocks
  • Maintaining Backwash Filters

As you can see, an expert team of maintenance professionals will service your pool thoroughly to the highest standard. This ensures that your pool is working safely and effectively.

Average Cost of Monthly Pool Maintenance if You Hire a Hillsborough Pool Service

Like any expense, the cost of hiring someone for pool services in Florida can vary based on who you pick and other things we’ll talk about more.

Usually, you’ll be paying somewhere between $80 and $200 each month to keep your pool in good shape. If you look for specialists in Florida, you might find companies charging between $75 and $125 per month, depending on your pool type and other details.

Now, you might be curious about why there’s a price range between $75 and $125.

Which Factors Increase Pool Maintenance Costs?

The size and frequency of your pool service are two of the most important factors that determine the cost of pool maintenance.

The larger the pool, the longer it will take you to maintain it.

Find out what the major factors are that influence the price of your pool service.

  • Size of Your Pool: Bigger pools need more chemicals and more time and effort.
  • Location: If your pool is close to trees or in a wooded area, it might gather more leaves. Pools in rainy areas need more care too.
  • Types of Pool: Costs change based on whether you have a saltwater or natural pool.
  • Use: Pools that get used a lot need more maintenance than those used less often.
  • Pool Equipment: If your pool has extra stuff like lights or heating, it could affect the cost. More equipment might mean more service calls and repairs.
  • Water Features: Special things like spas or waterfalls need extra attention.
  • Pools Without Screening: If your pool doesn’t have a screen, it’s open to leaves, frogs, and dirt. Installing one might save you money on maintenance.
  • Pool Accessibility: If your pool is hard to reach, it might cost more because it needs more work.

So, we’ve looked at different things that might affect how much your pool service costs.

These are the flexible costs that come with your pool service plan. They change based on the kind of pool you have, like a skimmer or overflow pool.

But, finding a good pool maintenance company in Florida isn’t always easy. How do you pick a company you can trust?

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How Do You Find a Reputable Company?

Check Out Their Google Reviews

Google reviews are a must. Compare bad reviews with positive ones to determine how a reputable and trustworthy company will maintain your pool.

Does a company’s good reputation show that they clean your pool as promised? Prices are consistent? Can you find any negative reviews that say the pool was not cleaned properly?

The following are some of the places you will find reputable pool service providers listed:

  • Yelp
  • BBB
  • Home Advisor
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Facebook & more

Are They Certified and Insured?

A second important factor is to check the certification and insurance. If you don’t, you could be paying more for any repairs that could damage your pool.

On their website and other materials, the best pool service providers will always display certification.

Can They Be Reached Easily by Phone?

You can identify some of the less reputable pool service providers by their inability to be reached by phone.

A company that is difficult to reach will not provide you with the best service. It is important to avoid any service provider that is difficult to reach by phone.

Do They Have a “No Green Pool Guarantee”?

The best pool companies will restore your pool for free if the pool turns green due to any other reason than weather conditions or pool equipment that is broken or does not function correctly. Only Clear Tech Pools offers this guarantee.

Are there any more red flags that we should be on the lookout for? Find out.

What Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing a Pool Company

  • Skipped pool cleaning: Some less scrupulous pool service companies may overbook, and skip servicing your swimming pool. Reliable companies will leave tickets at your home that include all details, including the time of arrival, the condition and maintenance of the pool. Clear Tech Pools goes the extra mile and will send you an SMS to let you know your pool was serviced.
  • Used parts for repairs: A reputable pool company will use only brand-new parts. If you have a lot of repairs to be done, ask to see the parts.
  • Additional pool chemical charge: A reputable pool company will charge a flat rate for all chemicals and not charge extra if you want to add any that were approved at the start of your contract. Before signing with a pool company, you should be aware of the cost of annual maintenance. These costs do not include pool repairs.

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