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    Clear Tech Pools prides itself in being the most responsive pool company to commercial repairs and offers same day service to any of your equipment. You are our priority and no other company will prove that better than Clear Tech Pools.



    Pump Install

    Let our expert technicians install our high end pool pumps to help your pool run more efficiently. We can install single speed pumps and variable speed pumps.

    What's the difference between single speed pumps and variable speed pumps?

    While single speed pool pumps allow you only one speed option, and dual speed pumps only allow you low or high speed operation, a variable speed pool pump allows you to choose your own pumping speed anywhere between low and high. This feature means you can change the speed as you need, giving you full control over the amount of water being pumped into your pool at any given time, lowering your energy and water usage, while still keeping your water clean.

    salt chlorination system install

    Salt chlorination delivers the 3C's - Comfort and Convenience at a Cost you'll love.

    Comfort. Traditional chlorine, when combined with swimmer waste and bacteria in the water, create what are called chloramines. Chloramines (also referred to as combined chlorines) are what cause common side effects associated with chlorine such as irritation to the eyes and skin, bleached bathing suits, green hair and that awful chlorine smell. Salt Chlorinators continuously oxidize, or eliminate chloramines, and create pure "Free Chlorine". With salt chlorination, you will have luxuriously soft, continuously sanitized water without the unpleasant side effects of traditional chlorine.

    Convenience. Salt chlorinators continuously chlorinate your pool's water automatically. This will save you time and money since you won't have to use chemicals as often as before.

    Cost. Salt chlorination can save you 50% or more on chlorine costs. Because chlorine is converted back to salt after use, it can be used again to make chlorine. Salt does not wear out, degrade or evaporate. Your pool will have a constant supply of salt to continuously convert into fresh, pure chlorine.

    standard erosion feeder install

    Solid, compressed chlorine or bromine, (In the Chlorine stick or tablet form) are placed into the feeder. Water flows over the chlorine pucks or tabs and dissolves it for a slow release. Chlorine or bromine in the form of Hypochlorous acid, is then released into the water. Erosion chlorine feeders are adjusted by a dial, to regulate the amount of sanitizer introduced into the pool water.

    Another type of erosion feeder is installed at the filter system. In the shape of a cylinder, chlorinators (unlike a floating chlorinator), requires a certain amount of pressure supplied by the circulation system to dissolve the chlorine or bromine tablets or sticks. The flow and amount of chlorine introduced into the water is regulated by a flow control dial, and also by how many tablets (or stix) are in the chlorinator at any given time.

    natural/propane gas install

    heat pump install

    A heat pump allows you to heat your pool or spa economically. Depending on energy costs, a heat pump can save you up to 80% over propane gas, 50% to 70% over natural gas, and over 600% against electrical resistance heaters found on most spas. This is the reason why thousands of customers choose a heater to heat their pool, rather than alternative types of heaters. If you plan on heating your pool, a heat pump makes the most sense, and the most economical heat pumps feature SCROLL compressors. AquaCal’s HeatWave heat pumps were the first heat pumps to feature SCROLL compressors as their standard compressor.

    How long does it take to heat my pool?

    The initial start-up heating time will differ, depending on the size of the pool and the air temperature at the time that you are trying to heat your pool; other considerations affect the time also, but these are not as important. However, once your pool reaches the temperature you desire, the run time can be as little as only a few hours per day.

    safety install

    We can install ADA chair lifts, ladders and hand rails.

    Pool Lighting

    LED lights adds brilliant life to pools and landscapes with dynamic, energy-efficient automated LED lighting systems and incandescent lighting products. Shine a light on your pool's and spa's best features.

    decking install

    We can install your pool decking with travertine or pavers.

    motor replacement

    Let our expert technicians replace your broken and/or broken motor for your pool.

    filter replacements

    Let our expert technicians replace your broken or worn out pool filter.

    full automation set ups

    Eliminate repeated trips to the equipment pad, as well as memorizing operating sequences, opening and closing valves and resetting time clocks and thermostats.Built-in diagnostics include automatic verification of the display, microprocessor, switches, indicators, relay outputs, valve outputs, sensor inputs and communication ports, as well as a diagnostic screen that reports failures for troubleshooting and repair purposes


    Let our expert technicians perform a leak detection. Unlike most pool companies we are qualified to fix the leak as well.


    Let our expert technicians repair your your tile. If you want to replace your tile, we can do that as well.


    Let our expert team power wash and clean your decks to be like new. Once the surface has been pressure wash, consider using our sealing service to bring back the faded colors of your of your travertine or paver surfaces.


    Let our expert sealing team use the highest quality products on your travertine and/or pavers to restore the faded colors of your pool deck.



    We pride ourselves in being the most responsive pool repair company in the business. Once your call has been received, we guarantee by the following day our expert technician will resolve your issue. In some cases we offer same day repair.



    We pride ourselves in repairing all commercial properties to code. This means you don't have to stress about anything and let our expert technicians repair and/or replace your equipment to code.



    We pride ourselves having the best technicians on our team. We make sure that each team member goes through extensive training ensuring everything is repaired and installed to the manufacturers quality.



    We pride ourselves for being in the business for over 30 years, so we are confident in our services. We have gained trust from our community thanks to our superior service, technicians and customer service.

    Why Our Commercial Customers Love Us


    Clear Tech Pools hit another home run at Vistas on the Gulf on St Pete Beach with our spa remodel. The upgrade to the beautiful cobalt blue Pebble Tech coating and matching accent tile was a welcome suggestion by Joe Pachmeyer in sales. The job was on time and professional. We are very pleased with the outcome and our guests are complimentary on the results. Thank you to the Clear Tech team for enhancing the appearance of our pool and spa area!

    —Perrin Albertson


    We were in desperate need of a reputable and affordable pool company to build our hotel pool on the beach. We found Clear Tech Pools and had great support and communication with them. We decided to let them build our pool and I'm so glad we did. We have had great feedback from our guests about how nice and clean the pool is. Everyone loves the layout of the decking and how spacious the pool is. Thanks Clear Tech!