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    Step 1: Sanitize

    The key to maintaining a crystal clear pool is a steady routine of sanitization. Regal sanitizers are designed to kill bacteria, algae and other living organisms. Regal Sanitizers have built-in protection from the sun to maximize chlorine life.

    Step 2: Shock-Oxidize

    Weekly shock oxidizing eliminates organic materials introduced by bathers and the environment. Oxidizing your pool restores water clarity and reduces the demand on the sanitizer.

    Step 3: Algae Prevention

    Algaecides add an extra layer of pool protection, while creating a more pleasant swimming environment. Regal Algaecides safeguard your pool, preventing and killing all types of algae.


    Properly balanced water prevents corrosion and staining. It will also optimize the performance of your sanitizer. Using Regal Balancers, as needed, simplifies the balancing act to help achieve properly balanced water.


    Prevent and treat specific water problems with Regal Supplements. The perfect complement to your pool care regimen, Regal offers a variety of cleaners, clarifiers and stain removers.