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Pool Cleaning Tips from Expert Pool Cleaning Companies

Pool Cleaning Companies

It would be wonderful if you just jumped in and enjoyed it, but all pools require maintenance to stay in good condition. If you neglect your pool, it can end up costing you thousands and make it unfit for swimming. Pool cleaning companies can help you maintain your pool, ensuring it stays clean and safe for swimming.

Here are six sustainable tips from pool professionals to keep you happy and your pool in control throughout the summer.

Pool Maintenance Tips That Will Keep You Happy This Summer

1. Clean Your Pool of Dirt and Debris

Cleaning your pool is super important. It keeps things sanitary, which means you’re less likely to get sick from it. Pool vacuums work just like the ones for your house—they suck up dirt and stuff. Doing this regularly gets rid of algae and junk fast.

You should clean your pool really well at least once a week. Pool cleaning companies suggest using the vacuum to suck up dirt and also brushing the walls and floor to get rid of debris, leaves, and other stuff.

2. Maintain  the Water Levels

Pool cleaning companies emphasize the significance of maintaining water levels in pools. Neglecting this aspect can disrupt the chemical balance of the water and impede the effectiveness of water skimmers and filter systems in cleaning the pool.

3. Clean Your Pool Filter

Maintaining a perfect swimming pool emphasizes three key aspects: circulation, filtration, and chemistry, with cleaning the pool filter constituting one-third of this equation. How frequently you clean your filter depends on how much you use it.

Several indicators are needed to determine when it’s time to clean the filter. These include a foul pool smell, a clogged drain, or an ineffective hose cleaner. The frequency of cleaning cartridge filters varies depending on your pool’s size, ranging from once a month to four to six times a year.

For DE (diatomaceous Earth) filters, a thorough disassembly and cleaning every three to six months is advised. Monthly backwashing is also recommended to partially clean the filter between seasonal services, removing any debris lodged inside.

Also, pool experts advise replacing the sand in sand filters at the start of the pool season. Sand replacement should occur every three to five years or whenever water quality deteriorates. Monthly backwashing for sand filters, akin to DE filters, is crucial for maintaining optimal performance.

Pool Cleaning Companies

4. Keep an Eye on the Water Chemistry

Pool experts stress the importance of maintaining proper water chemistry for homeowners. They warn that incorrect water chemistry or corrosive waters can harm pool surfaces, equipment, decks, and swimmers. They also suggest having your pool water tested by a pool cleaning company every two weeks. It’s crucial to heed the recommendations of the hired professional.

Caution is advised when considering saline for concrete pools. Saline pools can be less stable, leading to more frequent algae growth. This means you might still need to periodically shock the pool with a mix of acid and chloride.

5. Monitor the Chlorine

The ideal chlorine level for your pool is 3 parts per million (ppm). You can toss in extra tablets after a special event or if you’re away for a while. If you don’t notice a strong smell or itchy eyes when you’re near the pool, pool experts suggest doing a simple home test.

Despite common belief, chlorine doesn’t zap germs instantly. But experts insist that it’s still crucial, no matter how much chlorine is in there. Even in saltwater pools, you still need chlorine. It emphasizes that chlorine is the most reliable and effective solution for keeping your pool clean. Unlike saltwater, chlorine won’t stain your pool surface or wear out your plumbing.

6. Create a Pool Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining your pool can be a lot to handle, but having a schedule in place can make it easier to stay on top of everything. It recommends adding pool maintenance to your summer cleaning routine. Consistent cleaning not only helps prevent infections but also reduces the risk of accidents.

Depending on where you live and how often you use your pool, daily cleaning might be necessary. This could be as simple as clearing away leaves and debris that accumulate throughout the day. Pool cleaning company experts advise vacuuming the tiles and cleaning the filter at least once per season. Creating a maintenance schedule that covers all these tasks can help ensure your pool stays in good condition.

In summary, maintaining a pool isn’t just about occasional enjoyment; it requires consistent upkeep to ensure its safety and usability. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs and health hazards. To keep your pool in top shape, professionals recommend regular cleaning to remove debris and prevent algae, monitoring water levels to maintain chemical balance, and cleaning the filter according to usage. 

Testing and adjusting water chemistry are crucial, as is maintaining an appropriate chlorine level. Establishing a cleaning schedule helps you stay organized and reduces the risk of accidents and infections, ensuring your pool remains a source of joy all summer long.

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