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    Rico Rock

    Rico Rock 4 Piece Ledger – Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit


    RicoRock Inc. is the industry leader for artificial rock waterfalls because our waterfall designs mimic nature—sheets, cascades, ledgers and grotto waterfalls. Most waterfall kits install in one or two days but they will last the lifetime of the pool because they are made of a high tech concrete mix. Thousands of installations in all types of climates in the past twelve years prove RicoRock to be the way waterfalls are built in the 21st century.

    Our most popular waterfall for many years because of the large main ledger piece. Works well with a low or medium water flow. Weight of kit: 1,200 lbs Heaviest piece: 400 lbs Mortar needed*: 300 lbs Recommend flow rate: 15-40 gpm