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    WysiWash Sanitizer Pro Sprayer

    Designed with feedback from kennel owners, turf managers, and janitorial engineers, the Sanitizer Pro adds functionality, increased performance, and improved durability to the already outstanding Wysiwash line of products. The Sanitizer Pro features a Danish-designed handle with an ergonomic grip and locking trigger, for increased comfort and control.

    Pro Features

    •  Heavy Duty, Commercial Food Grade Handle designed in Denmark
    •  New! Electroless Nickel Quick Connectors & Nozzle for increased durability
    •  Ready to rinse? Pop on the Detachable Spray Nozzle for fresh water
    •  Increased Water Volume removes stubborn dirt and mildew
    •  Uses Wysiwash's Patented Dispensing Technology to maintain safe & effective levels of active sanitizer
    •  The Quick Connector located between the Trigger Handle and Hydro-Body allows for Faster Draining

    Easily Switch Between Your Regular Hose & Sanitizing

    Over the years, many users have asked for an easier way to switch between using their regular hose and Wysiwash.

    With the new Sanitizer Pro, you can easily take off the Wysiwash Sanitizer and pop on the Detachable Spray Nozzle.

    Increased Spray Pressure & Control

    We removed the Water Stop in the Quick Connector, which means more water volume and spraying power.

    You can spray farther with the Pro!

    With the Sanitizer Pro, you can create a gentle mist by setting water pressure on the low setting and the spray at a wide fan.