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Resurfacing Your Pool to Ensure Its Overall Well-Being

Pools are little slices of paradise in our backyards, but when their plaster surfaces start to show signs of wear and tear, paradise is the last word that comes to mind. That’s why it’s essential to resurface your plaster pool when needed, so it remains healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

Read on to discover several signs that scream it’s time to resurface.

1) Surface Stains

If your pool has unremovable stains that make it look unappealing even after a good cleaning, it’s time for resurfacing. There are numerous reasons that cause this staining, including pool service providers treating the pool without the correct chemical balance.

2) Rough Spots

If you fondly remember a bygone era when your pool’s plaster surface was fresh and smooth, you’re dealing with rough spots. Over time the pool’s chemicals eat away at the surface and form these spots, even making the surface feel like sandpaper. There are temporary fixes, but to truly protect your swimmers, you’ll need to schedule a resurfacing.

3) Scary Cracks

Is the water level in your pool dropping? Have you discovered an unsightly crack shooting down the wall of your pool? If you answered yes, then the well-being of your pool is in your hands. Since the crack is both underneath and in the plaster, call in the pros to fill it with epoxy and steel staples and then have the pool resurfaced.

4) Erosion Spots

Over time, as water moves against a surface, erosion spots are inevitable. When these spots become visible, mark your calendar for a resurfacing.  

Your pool takes care of you both physically and mentally, so it’s important to know when to return the favor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We’d love to keep your little slice of paradise beautiful and healthy for decades to come.

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