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The Benefits of LED Lighting vs. Incandescent Bulbs

Your pool’s lighting is an essential aspect of its overall design. While the LED vs. incandescent bulb debate was once a hot topic, today, the benefits of LED lighting far outweigh those of incandescent lighting. Let’s take a look.

LED’s Longevity

Where an incandescent bulb’s average lifespan is around 1,000 hours, LED bulbs go the distance for a whopping 25,000 hours. Now that’s a ton of pool time before your bulbs requires changing.


 While some may argue that LED lighting costs more to install, in the long run, you’ll save more than opting for more conventional bulbs. With LED using around 85% less energy, it doesn’t take long to see the savings. Additionally, LED lighting is more eco-friendly.         

Increased Visibility          

When it comes to the safety of your pool, a primary concern is visibility. Using LED lighting in and around your pool will provide the visibility needed for maximum safety.


Traditional light bulbs are sensitive and easy to break. That’s not the case with LED lighting, as they employ a different filament material, making it the more durable choice.


The savings offered by LED bulbs is impressive. Not only will the 85% drop in energy use save you money, but LED bulbs require less replacing due to their longevity.


Since LED lighting doesn’t release heat, they are less likely to start a fire than incandescent bulbs. Also, since LED bulbs require less changing, there are fewer opportunities for accidents to happen while switching them out.

If your backyard sanctuary requires new or replacement lighting, give Clear-Tech Pools a call. We work tirelessly to exceed expectations and save you money every time.

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