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Why Are Pools Covered in Florida?

Why Are Pools Covered in Florida

You might have noticed that many pools in Florida are covered by screens or screen rooms. Here’s the answer to your question about why Florida pools have enclosures.

In Florida, pools often have screens around them. These screens are like big nets made of tiny holes. They cover the pool area and sometimes even the whole backyard. Why do Floridians use these screens?

Why Are Pools Covered in Florida?

Florida homeowners often use pool enclosures to create a safety barrier when they build a pool in their backyard. Central Florida is a popular spot for installing these enclosures due to safety regulations. They not only provide a barrier against bugs and harsh sun but also protect from debris and unwanted guests, including alligators. These screens effectively keep insects and small animals out of the pool area.

Pool enclosures also make maintenance easier. Many people find that installing a Florida Pool enclosure keeps their pool cleaner by keeping debris out. Even though we love the Sunshine State, it’s important to limit sun exposure. With a pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool without worrying about UV rays.

Moreover, a Florida enclosed pool can save you money. It helps reduce water evaporation, which is one of the significant costs of pool maintenance. By keeping your pool enclosed, you won’t need to constantly add chemicals to keep it clean, saving you money on maintenance and extending the life of your cleaners. Algae growth, while beautiful in a natural setting, is unwelcome in swimming pools. A pool enclosure can help reduce algae growth.

The aesthetic value of enclosed pools is undeniable. With a backdrop of plants and other elements, enclosing your swimming pool can be very attractive, creating an inviting space outside your home.

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Benefits of Pool Enclosures

If you live in Florida there are several benefits to having a pool enclosed.

UV Protection

Florida boasts abundant sunshine, but its harsh UV rays can damage skin. Pool enclosures offer UV protection for you and your guests, shielding you from harmful sun exposure.

Pest Control

In Florida, mosquitoes can be a persistent annoyance, especially when you’re trying to relax in your pool. The netting used to cover pool enclosures is so thin that even the tiniest insects can’t pass through. Now, you can swim without worrying about mosquito bites or annoying flies buzzing around your ears.

Enhance Safety 

A pool enclosure provides an added layer of safety, particularly for young children who may not yet be able to swim unsupervised. Some enclosures feature entry handles positioned too high or designed to be difficult for children to use. This helps prevent unsupervised access to the pool area, reducing the risk of accidents or drowning incidents.

Keep Debris Out

Many Florida homeowners choose to invest in covered pools to maintain a clean swimming pool. The fine netting not only keeps bugs away but also prevents dirt, twigs, and leaves from falling into the pool, ensuring it stays clean.

Privacy and Security

You can adjust the opacity of the screens in your enclosure to your preference, providing privacy from nosy neighbors. Additionally, enclosures offer security by keeping intruders out, enhancing safety around your pool area.

Protect Your Skin from Harmful UV Light

Installing a screen over your pool reduces sunlight exposure, keeping the pool cooler for longer periods. Swimmers are shielded from direct sun throughout the day, and the screen prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the water, providing a significant benefit for Florida homeowners.

Withstand High Winds

Covered pools are highly favored among Florida homeowners due to their durability and ability to withstand the state’s weather conditions. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor pools, but they also provide excellent protection against the strong winds commonly experienced in Florida.

Algae Growth Inhibitor

A pool screen enclosure can help decrease algae growth in your pool. This benefit is significant for pool owners as it makes cleaning the pool easier and prevents the pool from becoming unpleasant due to algae. The screen serves as a barrier to keep your pool clean and more manageable.

How to Regulate the Temperature of Your Pool

In Florida, where the water temperature can fluctuate significantly throughout the day, a pool screen becomes essential. The enclosure acts as a ventilator, allowing the wind to help keep the pool temperature down. This means your pool will remain cooler for longer periods, ultimately saving you money on your electric bill.

Extending Your Spa at Home

You can expand your home spa and pool by adding an enclosure that complements your decor. Integrating your swimming pool with your house rather than keeping it separate is a fantastic idea. The screen can be crafted from durable or even unique water-resistant materials, enhancing the luxurious feel of your backyard oasis.

Having a pool screen in your backyard is a fantastic luxury. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also offers practical benefits. With various styles and themes available, you can easily find one that matches your home’s decor. These screens are particularly ideal for Florida residents with pools.

Why Are Pools Covered in Florida

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Clear Tech Pools provides custom-covered pools tailored to your needs in Florida. Our extensive selection of customizable screen meshes ensures you get the privacy and UV protection you need to fully enjoy your pool. Additionally, our enclosures meet all relevant building codes for wind resistance, ensuring they can withstand even the most extreme Florida weather conditions.

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