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Why You Should Continue Pool Service Through The Cooler Months in Florida

The old adage about “out of sight, out of mind” applies to a lot of pool owners. Once the cover goes over the pool in late September, that giant basin outside becomes a springtime issue for many Florida residents. Yet this is a dangerous mindset because pools are especially vulnerable to decay and damage during the cooler seasons of the year. Odd as it may sound, pool water faces other problems besides micro-organisms like algae.

Water balance sounds like a subject for pool geeks, but the ratio between water inflow and outflow is really important. Unless that ratio is kept within a specific range, problems occur. Why? The cooler air, lower in humidity, yes, even in Florida, thirsts for moisture so it makes pool water evaporate, throwing off that delicate relationship between inflow and outflow. So what, you ask? With too much water loss, calcium crystal deposits will form in the pool. Winter dust, also calcium-based, which clings to plaster and plastic accessories, is another hazard when temperatures dip into the 60s and 50s. Depending on the materials that make up the surfaces, these calcified by-products can cause corrosion. This is why winter servicing is essential.

Don’t forget the pump, which many choose to turn off during the winter. This is not a good idea since running the motor helps to evaporate the humidity that gums up the works. In addition, the pump helps to evenly distribute the chemicals that maintain clean, healthy water. This is why Clear-Tech Pools is the go-to contractor. We build, service, repair and remodel residential and common pools and spas, from top to bottom, keeping the customer’s bottom line in mind. Call today for a visit and evaluation.

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